Tips on how to clean retainers

The important part of Oral Hygiene:

Oral hygiene is without any doubt most important in our daily body cleaning routine. Mouth is the opening to our internal systems and any negligence towards its cleanliness can lead to adverse health disorders. The retainer is a very commonly used oral cavity frame that remains in a user’s mouth for long periods in the day. Ensuring that it is cleaned properly is a must for prevention of oral and other health problems.

Whenever a person starts using braces, he or she is given certain guidelines by the dentist on how to clean retainers. It is important that we follow such instructions and carefully adhere to any precautions advised by the expert in the field. For those who still do not know how to clean retainers, below are some quick and easy tips:

How to clean retainers

  • Use of toothpaste should be avoided:

Although all dentists advise toothpaste for teeth cleaning, it is highly unadvisable retainers. Almost all types of toothpaste contain mild cleaning agents that can cause abrasions to the retainer and this can be damaging.

  • Use house cleaning agents instead:

The best way to clean your retainer is by using dish washing liquids, baking soda or simple hand washing soaps. They are mild in nature and would not damage the materials of the retainer.

  • Select a good quality soft brush:

It is important that you use a separate brush for the cleaning of your retainers. This should be a soft bristled brush that is exclusively used for your retainers only.

  • Do not boil your retainer:

Unlike many other products, boiling your retainers is simply not a good idea. Very hot water should be avoided at all costs. It can have damaging effects on the small and delicate parts of the retainer.

  • Do not use bleaching agent:

Bleaching can kill germs and bring spotless cleanliness to a number of objects, but as far as cleaning the retainer is concerned it’s a big no. With a very strong unwanted smell, the bleach can ruin your retainers and make them unfit for further use.

  • Avoid any hard falls:

Those of you who use a retainer must be aware of its delicate frame and sensitive adjustments. If by accident you drop your braces in the sink or basin, they can get badly damaged. It is best to use a soft towel lined inside the sink while you clean or wash them.

Bottom line:

These were some tips on how to clean retainers in the most appropriate ways. Always remember to take them out from time to time and follow a good cleanliness routine. Oral hygiene can have a big impact on our general health as well. Brushing and flossing our teeth regularly is a must. Cleaning the retainers does not take very long but if left dirty it can have long lasting effects on our health and body.

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