Geenius In takes the privacy of its visitors very seriously and striving to provide the secure browsing environment.  It is recommended to go through our privacy policies to do the informed browsing of this website

Server Logs & Cookies

Geenius In collects the basic information about the visitor This information includes IP address, browser version, device’s type, the location of the server, and all your activities on this website. The aim to collect this information is to gather the data about visitors which help the company to develop different strategies. We use cookies to recognize our visitors. It helps us to provide customized user experience to those visitors. These cookies contain all information as mentioned above. You can delete cookies from your browser settings but it is recommended not to do so. We do not take the responsibility to secure this automatically collected information because this website is hosted by a third party. The company is not liable for any kind of misuse of information from third parties.

Usage & Protection of Information

In some cases, visitors can be asked to provide personal information like name and e-mail address. Special security measures are taken to secure the personal information of all users. A highly professional team is taking care of database and server of this website.  Geenius In reserves the right to use these e-mail addresses for the marketing purpose of company’s own product and services. Newsletters and other such e—mail can be forwarded to users to keep them updated with the company’s recent activities. Users can unsubscribe to this service at any time without providing any reason. The collected information will not be sold to any third party without the consent of the user.

Company reserves the right to alter its privacy policies without former to anyone. For any query contact our customer support department.

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