How to Pop Your Ears without Hurting Yourself

Everyone experience stuffed or popped ears. It can happen when you take your first flight, or even if you fall sick. It happens because the Eustachian tubes in your ear are blocked. The purpose of these tubes is to clean the liquid and manage the pressure inside the ear. Your ear will get stuffed if the tubes get congested. So, if you are wondering how to pop your ears without hurting yourself, here is the answer.

How to pop your ears quickly

Follow these steps to pop the ears quickly. First, close the mouth and hold the nose tightly with your fingers. Now turn the face towards the right direction. Make sure that your chin touches the shoulder. Now try to swallow as hard as possible until your left ear pops. Once you have the left ear clear, do the same for the right side.How to Pop Your Ears

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How to pop your ears with mouth

There are several other ways to get rid of the problem. You can use your mouth to pop the ears. This procedure requires yawing. Open your mouth and yawn. Once you get your mouth wide open, gradually bring the mouth in the “o” shape. Try and get a real yawn, if you do not yawn, the ears will not pop. You have to stop if the ears pop.

Use water to pop the ears

Drinking water and gulping it in large amounts can help you pop the ears. The drinking motion helps exercise the jaws and the ear muscles. Especially, if you swallow a large amount of water, it will affect the Eustachian tubes.

Use fingers

Another simple and easy way to pop your ears is to use the fingers. Use the fingers to insert pressure in the ears. Insert the finger in your ear and move it vigorously until you feel good. Try and insert the smallest finger so that it can go deep inside the ear. It is a quick and an easy way to pop the ears. This trick is helpful when you get stuffed ears in the morning.


Use candy

It may seem funny, but you can use candy to pop the ears. Eating large volumes of food can help get rid of the stuffed ear feeling. You can suck a candy or a capsule as hard as possible. It will contribute to moving the muscles in the throat and the ears. The movement of muscles will cause the fluid in the Eustachian tubes to flow.

Call the doctor

If you have tried almost everything, and still there is no effect, call the doctor. The problem can be more than just stuffed ear. The doctor will prescribe you over the counter medicines which you can take to get the ear in shape again.

So, follow the above steps if you want to know how to pop your ears. These are the methods that you can use to pop ears. These are easy to perform methods. If no method works, call the doctor and take medication.

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