How much does a pediatrician make? We all want to know!


Pediatrics is a very important field of medical science. It deals in the specialization of children’s, infant’s and teenager’s medical treatment and health care. It is not an individual task. Many other complementing staff members like nurses, helpers and medical health providers join together to provide this care. From vaccinations to common flus to emergency situations, a pediatrician deals with all kinds of medical disorders with children. The specialization of the pediatrician does not end here. There is the further subdivision of pediatrics into auto-immune problems, surgical pediatrics and other chronic illnesses like oncology.

How much does a pediatrician make

Why do we need to know?

While many medical students want to go towards this medical field, the question that arises in their minds is the most obvious. How much does a pediatrician make? Thinking about our future or making a vital decision about our profession requires consideration of a lot of factors. The financial factor is a very important component of our professional or career development process. We all need money to live in this world and our profession allows us to earn this money. If someone is planning to specialize in the field of pediatrics that it is important that they know how much does a pediatrician make.

Salary expectations:

According to the statistics and figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical professionals are the highest earning members of the country. All across the globe, we will find a similar financial position of doctors and physicians. As per the average figures provided by government departments, a pediatrician can earn up to $186,000 in a year. This amount refers to general pediatricians and not the specialist in further medical fields of children. If a pediatrician has specialized in a further discipline like surgical pediatrics, the average earning will almost double to amount of $340,000 a year. This is a very sharp increase.

Factors influencing the earning of a pediatrician:

There are many factors that influence the average amount of money that a pediatrician earns in a year. Among these are

Practicing location

Number of patients

Size of the community dependent on the pediatrician

Type of treatment provided

Number of Pediatricians available in the region

In addition to the above, the most influencing factor towards his or her earnings is the amount of experience that has been achieved. The greater the number of practicing years of the doctor the higher will be the salary. It enhances the practical knowledge and makes the pediatrician and expert in the field.

So whether you are looking forward to becoming a pediatrician yourself or you are looking for information for someone you know, how much does a pediatrician make is an important question for all.


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