How Much Do Dentists Make Money

Dentistry is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. You may notice even a local dentist earns thousands of dollars a month. Dentistry is not only the highest paid but is considered one of the highly respected professions in the world. Becoming a dentist is not an easy task. You have to go through a lot of trouble, exams and practices and training to become a dentist. Many dentists also study further to become specialists such surgeons, orthodontists, etc. Here is the answer to the question, how much do dentists make in a year, month and an hour.

How Much Do Dentists Make

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How much do dentist make in a month and a year

Like other employees, the dentists also earn a monthly salary. The salary is based on the experience, the number of years in service, and also the place. For example, many places in the US are considered highly paid areas. The dentists who practice in Los Angeles will surely earn more than the dentist who practice in Utah. On average the dentists make $143,918 a year. It is the basic salary of the dentists. Many hospitals and organizations also give out bonuses. Adding the average bonus and other extras which the dentists get, the average annual salary becomes $160,364. The average monthly salary of the dentists across the US is $11,993.

The highest paid dentists earn $187,199 annually. These are the dentists who have more than five years of experience and are highly educated. The monthly salary of the highest paid and well-educated dentists is $15,599. It is why dentistry is one of the highest paid jobs.

How much do dentist make in an hour

Many dentists like to earn on an hourly basis too. These are the dentists who have their practices or work in the hospitals with work extra hours. The dentists who work in a hospital also have a chance to earn on hourly basis too. On average the dentists make $69 in an hour.

How much do dental specialists make?

There are a lot of professions in the dentistry. You will find orthodontists, surgeons, Prosthodontists, etc. The salary of these professions within dentistry is also different. A local surgeon earns less than the orthodontist. These dental specialists have a different training. They are not average dentists. They get specialized training for the special type of dental treatments.

On average dental surgeons earn $3,510 in a month. The surgeons perform oral surgeries, which involve the mouth, teeth or jaws. The orthodontists make $4,100 in a month. The orthodontists are related mostly to teeth straightening. The Prosthodontists make $27,518 in a month. These are the specialists who create the oral prostheses.

The dentists earn different amount of money in the various countries. The salary structure is not the same. The above description of the salary earned by the dentists is related to the US. But the fact is they are the highly paid professionals. You can search the web and find out more about how much do dentists make money in different countries of the world.

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