How Many Calories in Vodka?


What is vodka?

Initially used for medical purposes, Vodka has been ruling the world for decades. According to a survey of 2012, it is the world’s most favorite alcoholic drink. Back in the day, vodka was traditionally produced by the fermentation of sugars, potatoes and cereal grains. Today it is a drink which is prepared by the primary combination of distilled water and ethanol, which is a chemical. It also has traces of impurities in it at times. People are not concerned with how many calories in vodka because it has its health benefits since forever.

how many calories are in vodka

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There are a few modern beverage brands that use artificial sugars or fruits for the production of vodka. Anyone who has tasted it once knows what an ethereal drink it is. People enjoy vodka almost on a daily basis. However, it is a more popular drink in the western world, where it is legal in most of the countries than Asia. In the western world, it is used for preparing several cocktail drinks as well. These cocktail drinks include the very famous Bloody Mary.

Difference between Vodka and other alcoholic drinks

There is basic manufacturing and ingredients difference between vodka, rum, beer and other alcoholic drinks. Mostly the procedure for the production is almost the same with minor variations. Some drinks are aged more while some are higher in the sugar content. The distillation process may differ for the drink and to what temperature the water is boiled. This is the basis for the fermentation process to move forward.

The things which have an impact on the basic type of drink is a number of sugars it contains. Other factors include the flavoring, the amount of time it is allowed to age and many other little things that go with it along the way.

Calories in Vodka

Vodka is the least sugar containing alcoholic drink. It is carbohydrate in nature. It acts as a fat burner and helps in weight loss which is the sole proof that it does not have many colors in it.  It is also free of Tran’s fats and cholesterol as it boosts the cardiovascular system. It does not have any saturated fats, which are also good. There are an estimated 230 calories in a large bottle of vodka, which means that an average glass of vodka will have around 40-50 calories which is not much at all.

Health Benefits of Vodka

It is known fact that vodka was initially used for medical purposes. That is partly the reason why people are not much concerned with how many calories in vodka or it contains because they are aware that it has its health benefits. The major health benefits that vodka has including

  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • It aids in reducing the stress levels
  • It is great to prevent against toothaches and swollen gums
  • It is a very effective antiseptic and possesses many anti-bacterial qualities that provide protection against infections
  • It is also helpful in solving skin and hair problems, particularly treating dandruff
  • It is also helpful in losing weight
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