Answers to how long does a colonoscopy take?

Colonoscopy is an outpatient procedure in which the large bowel is examined internally. This procedure is usually used to assess the symptoms like rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits and abdominal pains. It also used to screen for cancer. If you have any issues related to your colon or rectum, then you must get a colonoscopy. It will diagnose the disease for you in less than no time. People who are afraid of medical treatments and avoid them due to the complexities and time consumption, they must know how long does a colonoscopy take. It will clear the confusions and all the doubts you have related to the particular treatment.

Colon cancer is one of the most common among cancer types. If it is diagnosed and detected early, then it is also one of the most curable cancer types. Medical professionals advise to note down any irregular signs related to the colon or rectum and get a colonoscopy. It can detect for you the severity of the disease and would make it easier to get treated.

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how long does a colonoscopy take

Steps to take before colonoscopy

When you visit a doctor to get a colonoscopy, you should tell him all your medical history. Be clear about the issue you are facing so the diagnosis can be quick. Also, tell your doctor about

  • Lung condition
  • Allergies to medicines
  • If you are diabetic
  • Heart conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Drug habits

Once your doctor would know your medical background and have a complete grip on your health details, he can guide you of how long does a colonoscopy take in your case.

Preparing for colonoscopy

Your doctor might restrict your diet plan, and fluid intakes before performing a colonoscopy. You might be given laxatives before the test. An enema will also be given two times before the treatment. Doctors advise you not to drive after the treatment is over as it is not safe.


Once you prepare your mind for the treatment, then you must know how long does a colonoscopy take. Always make sure to hire a professional doctor for the treatment. A colonoscopy takes 30 to 60 minutes maximum. A few medicines will be injected into your veins, which will make you feel drowsy but they are given to make you feel relaxed.

Your colon must be empty to follow up the procedure safely and with a correct diagnosis. You must not worry about how long does a colonoscopy take, but you must be careful and conscious enough to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully.


There are rare chances of bleeding and puncture of the colon. However, these complications are rare but possible. Discomfort can be eased down with the help of medicines. The patients are kept under observations for 1 to 2 hour so that sedatives wear off.


With the help of colonoscopy, physicians would be able to find out abnormal growths, inflamed tissues, causes of bleeding and ulcers. So it is advised to get checked if you observe any irregular signs.

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