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Health care is essential to enjoy life. Germs are responsible for spreading the disease for instance; many viral and bacterial diseases are responsible for infections. Bacteria and viruses are transferred through the primary medium i.e. air. The human body possesses the naturally efficient immune system that prevents any disease. Whenever these germs overpower the immune system, the infection spreads. The most common disease of lungs spread through pneumonia. How do you spell pneumonia is not a big question, it takes one-word silent. Anyone can be suffered from pneumonia. It is the combination of flu with a complicated respiratory infection. There are different reasons in adults, young ones, and elders of acquiring the diseases.

How do you spell pneumonia

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Kinds of Pneumonia:

Pneumonia is spread of bacteria; diseases caused due to air and hospital effluents. Lungs can be affected from pneumonia to a constant level. Sometimes, it attacks on a minor level while at times it encompasses the whole lung. When there is a difficulty in diagnosing the infection, see the symptoms of it. Pneumonia causes pus-filled in the lungs air sacs. They will get inflamed and filled with cellular debris. Whenever you try to take oxygen in, pain is experienced.  This infection may be chronic in a case of severe infection. This also depends on the diagnose and treatment time of the disease. Most people get pneumonia in the hospitals. Such contamination is unavoidable and more dangerous.

Some pneumonia infections are community acquired i.e. spread through the community. The causing agents may be respiratory droplets of sneezing or a cough.

Kinds of bacteria:

There are some types of bacteria i.e. leading causes of pneumonia. The bacteria live in the nose and throat is streptococcus pneumonia. It attacks only in the case of a weak immune system. It attacks via the bloodstream, inhalation or through any open wound. Homophiles influenza is a resident of upper respiratory tract of the respiratory system. Klebsiella pneumonia resides in the digestive tract, mouth, and skin. It also attacks a weaker immune system frequently. Mycoplasma pneumonia also is responsible for spreading the disease but less severe than others. The viruses that are responsible for cold and flu also cause pneumonia.

Drug abusers suffer the pneumonia infection have a particular type of bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus attacks persons having the chronic illness, and young Childs.  It resides on the skin and intestine.

Know general symptoms of pneumonia:

The very common must known symptoms of pneumonia are:

  • Chest pain that worsens with a cough every time
  • Yellow thick, green and tinged mucus
  • Chills onset suddenly
  • Muscle pain and headache
  • Fatigue, loss of appetite
  • Pale skin and weakness

How to treat:

Pneumonia caused by bacteria is treated with antibiotics. To go for Antibiotics, certain things are needed to be taken care of, for instance, age, gender, level of weakness, and severity of symptoms. Each treatment must be followed at least for three days, and it is also recommended by physicians. Treating the type of pneumonia with an accurate antibiotic is essential for significant results.

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