Can Black people get lice or not?

Head lice are the common and the annoying problem which leads to serious head itching. You have to face much embarrassment especially when the school going kids face this problem. Head lice are tiny insects which are similar to ants. They do not have wings but easily pass from one head to another with the direct contact. They fed themselves on human blood, and they need a warm place to survive.

Most Americans often ask the question that can black people get lice because the African Americans fell less prey to lice, but the problem found common among the Caucasian.

Can Black people get liceCan black people get lice?

In the Europe and America, almost 0.3% African get head lice while 10.4% Caucasian get lice. Yes, black people also get lice, but they tend to much less than Europe and America. The researchers have found the reasons which are explained as below.

Reasons for Lice

The most reason behind the fewer lice is the structure of the hair of Black people. Black people in the UK, North America, and Canada have different hair structure which is common in the black race but different than White people. Lice are drawn to the hair of Caucasian people than African American.

Why does this happen?

The hair of Caucasian has round profile while African descent has an oval profile. The research shows that the claws of head lice have a tight grip on the round shape of hair while lice are unable to crawl on the oval shaped actually. This shows that Caucasian have more hospitable hair for lice than African hair.

Treatment style

One of the major reason researchers have found is the treatment style of hair. Young boys mostly keep their head shaved which shows that they have a quick remedy for the problem. Most of the girls use to keep their hair straight by using the hot iron which is also considered as the good treatment. Using a hot iron or other hair gadgets kills the lice immediately, and the problem is easily solved. Black people also use many hair treatment products to style their hair such as gels or hair wax. These products create a layer of the head which disables the lice to fed on blood. In this way, ice dies immediately.

Prevent lice

Can black people get lice or not? The treatment of lice is tough. They are so tiny that one cannot easily find it. They are difficult to comb or wash out and can cause havoc of entire school fellows or family. There are simply everyday products which will help you to fight lice. You can use various oils such as tea tree oil. The use of waxes and pomades also allows the lice to suffocate. You will also be able to find shampoos which help you to get rid of head lice. It is best not to share the combs or hair accessories of any person.

However, head lice problem is regardless of the color of skin. It is best to know the treatment to get rid of it. The prevention measures will stop the problem from spreading.

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