Everything you need to know about bed bugs!

One must have all the information pertaining to the bedbugs they are exactly those creatures or pests, of whom we have heard in the old bedtime rhymes. Unfortunately, they are more than just health hazards if he bites. It is, therefore, imperative to delve into the discussion of Bed bugs images or how they look like.

How small or large in size are they?

If talking about their tangible looks they are mostly in the colours starting from white and then the range of dark colour that is brown. After feeding, they turn into the red as well. Ergo they got all the shades of a dangerous creature. Talking about their size. They do not grow longer than half a centimeter or 0.2 inches. The can easily be seen by naked eyes if anyone wants to observe them.

Bed bugs images

Why are they called bedbugs?

They have been named as bedbugs because they are always in the need of hiding themselves in the beds or places like mattresses. They like such hideous for themselves and always found in the urge of these places.

What could be the signs of bedbugs?

Following are the major symbols that help in indicating the bedbugs:

  • If you may found stains of blood on the bedsheets or even on the pillow cases.
  • Rusty dark spots of their excrement on mattresses or bed cover.
  • In their hideous, if you find egg shells, fecal spot or shed skin.
  • Or maybe some kind of odor because of the glands of bedbugs.

The physical appearance of the bedbugs:

Bedbugs have somewhat like oval shape bodies. They are mostly small in size as mentioned above. Their body appears to be flat and are wingless. Some of the adults do have wings pad, they are actually the vestiges of wings. Most of the adult bed bugs are brown in their colour. They altogether have six legs.

Where did they find?

Most of the time they are found in hotels or in hostels. If they do not get the way of entering into your home, they might come with the luggage. Sometimes they can be found with the fur of your pet. Often he stings the human at night hours.

Age of bedbugs:

Bedbugs’ age could be up to nine to ten months. Interestingly, they can live without any feed for several days or sometimes even weeks.

What kind of treatment does one need for bedbugs bite?

Bedbugs’ bites do no exactly contain any medical treatment. Depending upon the type of skin the bite could be sometimes irritating. Such irritation can be removed with the assistance of topical antibiotics or ointments. Sometimes antiseptic lotions can also be beneficial. There is no disease attached with the bites of bedbugs. It is often difficult to recognize the bites of bedbugs. As they are similar to the bites of other insects and flies. Hot water and high temperature could help in killing the bedbugs. This wingless creature cannot be harmful but can be irritating.

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